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The relentless pursuit of something fresh and new

This is it. We have reached the last track on Indianapolangeles. This one almost didn’t make the album. When this project got started way back in 2014 when Brent and Libey asked if I had any songs ready to record, I sent them a long list of all the songs I’d written in the past decade. I had this acoustic demo with a stock train beat. I never thought they’d have picked it as one they wanted to work on. But they did and here we are.

This was a song I threw together in 45 minutes. Ultimately its about feeling bored, stale in a rut and kind of self-sabotaging to get that rush at the beginning of something new you're excited about. I put it with this train beat country-stomp thing and it always felt a little throw away and cheesy. But again, I was listening to friends who got something out of it thought I should trust them. They were essentially the first audience for the song.

Even after we recorded it I went back and forth on whether to include it. I ultimately decided to hell with it, let’s include it. The production sounds great and it makes this album and even ten tracks. So here it is. Give it a listen, did I wake the right call? Does it belong on this record?

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