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Here's a song that's not about a giraffe.

This is another one that I’m pretty proud of, but I think it confuses people. The not-so-secret secret behind this song is that I’m not singing about an actual giraffe. It’s a metaphor. This song was inspired by a specific person that I was working with an a creative endeavor awhile back. We didn’t see eye to eye a lot of times and he had this holier than thou attitude all the time. He always had a lot to say, but didn’t listen much. It drove me a little crazy. At the same time I wonder if we clashed so much because we were a lot alike. Anyway, there’s no residual animosity but I haven’t talked to him in years. I’m also quite sure he doesn’t know there is a song about him either. The inspiration to turn it into this animal metaphor came from a song by Josh Rouse called “Hey Porcupine”. Which is a very clever lyric and I wanted to see what I could do in that vein. I think his works a little better. But who knows, maybe people think he’s singing about an anthropomorphic Porcupine too. Anyway, it’s just a basic upbeat pop rock song but it makes me happy.

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