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A kind of departure Things To Do While You're Alive

I’m equal parts excited and nervous to share this song with the world. It’s a smiley, happy, bouncy, heart on its sleeve, super-optimistic little pop song that I wrote on the piano (just the white keys because I don’t *really* play the piano). But this record is all about not caring as much about perception and just releasing it out into the world. It’s part of the reason that I put my picture on the cover. Here I am. This is me. These are my songs.

Reservations aside…I’m kind of in love with this song. It makes me happy when I listen to it and I absolutely LOVE the guitar part that @jefflibey added to the bridge. I originally heard it as a horn part a la All You Need Is Love, especially since there’s something about this song that reminds me of Paul McCartney…but we never quite got there.

Fun fact: The title of this song came from a magazine ad I saw sometime ago. I think for Mastercard or Visa maybe? I don’t remember the specifics and Google is surprisingly no help.

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