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Shadow And Spotlight available now

Exclusively available for purchase at Bandcamp through June 21st.




Wils Bach, an independent pop-rock artist from Los Angeles with a musical career spanning several decades, has been enchanting audiences with a timeless sound reminiscent of iconic 90s rock bands like the Counting Crows or the Gin Blossoms. His distinctive voice, marked by its raw emotion and impressive range, has become his signature. With a love for creating soulful, melodic rock, Wils Bach has been performing, recording and releasing music since the late 90s.

Originally from the Chicago area he spent the 2000s living in Indianapolis and criss crossing the midwest and playing in every club, pub, honky-tonk and bar that would have him.  He released three records along the way. Two records with his alt-country band Paging Raymond (Please. Quiet. Recording in 2000; Bridges Left to Burn in 2004), then one with pop rock band Peal (Beautiful Baby Elephant in 2007).  After a decade away from music to focus on a behind the scenes television career he released his first solo record Indianapolangeles in 2019 and its follow up Shadow and Spotlight is available now.

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